Monday, April 4, 2016

Your Plan!

What do you want to work on in MakerSpace?

Choices are:

  • Getting a laser cutter, 3D printer, other creative machines (see other posts and handouts to learn more)
  • Build our Lego Collection (See Catalog and Lending Library Application)
  • Create a Challenge for others to start, finish and be critiqued on for next Monday
  • Work on getting $ for MakerSpace
  • Something to Finish?
  • Something to Start?
Please Comment on this post with your name and your idea(s) for today, Wednesday, Friday and next Monday.

Mrs Hill


  1. Me and Cecelia are working on our Minecraft Hogwarts for brainado

  2. My plan is to work on a minecraft and learn how to do specific stuff

  3. Today I think will be doing minecraft or taking a part a speaker.

  4. I am going to help with the mincraft projects