Monday, September 26, 2016

MakerSpace Organization

Overall MakerSpace - Video...start this next week?  Andrew, Sam, Isaac, Maddison
Station name and description
Equipment / material needs
Support possibilities
Production studio

Students can make videos
On iPad - video and resources?
Arts and Crafts

Students create craft pieces or paintings.
Paint brushes, paint, containers, paper for painting

Glue guns, glue sticks
Duct tape, duct tape book

Masking tape

Popsicle sticks

Drawing pencils

** Talk to Nan

Cloth for braiding
Duct tape book


Material guidelines - “don’t waste the paint”, how to clean up

Students can create paper circuits.
Use the paper circuit web page
Tutorial or how to sheets available
Cardboard Challenge?

Create a game or wearable out of cardboard, get a photo of somebody playing/wearing it at home.
More cardboard. :)
Write up of the challenge parameters and prizes

Create something.
  • Make something in Mindcraft.
  • Survivor Mode? - no do Creator instead
  • Use Makey-makey.
  • Code.
  • Problem with just going in and killing
  • create a general with $26 single user not same server with same character

Build something cool.
Mindstorms - have everything we need?
Lego book.

How to Mindstorms?

  • Sam help
  • look up website
Tech take-apart.

Dissemble to provide materials for crafts, Cardboard challenge.
Long screwdriver.
Visuals on how circuit boards / hardware works? Parts of a computer?

Monday Tuesday and Friday during study hall
Monday afterschool 

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