Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Student Planning 11.29.16

XEMO has been released!
Sam's Dad works with them - and Sam has checked it out and it didn't look too different than what we tested out!

Sign ups are stressful - students sprinting to teachers and saying "Can you sign me up!" and agrueing and its not even for number of days and when the kids go.
How to make this better?
Only go once a week
Teacher could look at the sign up to check that it is even
some kids haven't come and signing up is getting in the way

VIP spots!

VITA Meeting!
Michelna, Madison, Sam, Isaac, email to them the details

Purpose -
Sam "Create things and that is why is called Makersapce for making!" Celebrate!
Madison "A place to go to work and build and learn and create with other students and not just the kids on your team"
Michlena ditto!

MakeSpace Mentor - next year Joshua!

Cooking Reschedule -
Andrew back December 13th Tuesday 11:30 -
make Quiche?

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