Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Meeting with Lucie 10.25.16

Challenges of NGSS and certain activities are only for certain grades.

How about open it up to reinforce and practice at different levels?

NGSS braid and what touch back to?

How did he know how to do cirquitry? - Lynn directed them to youtube to look it up?  How about what they learned in 4th grade?

Hit a barrier...what about resisters, LED, power needed to avoid project not blown...

"one benefit of the makerspace gets to the concept of mindsets"

"become ok with being stuck and how about the brain chemistry growth and this journey"

In that stage right now...

Spectrum - student voice, tinkering, creativity - also there...instructables with stuff and go for it!

TOOLS - DYI and MakerCommunity
Voicethread for PLP and families can view and comment before
Minecraft edu - remind Lucie mindcraft 802 group, new model with microsoft? new access?
PaperCirq - paper clips, alligator clips, motors?  check Amazon - do we have in there?
To find/get:  alligator clips and jumper wires female and male and all combos
check this out book
Vinyl cutters - cricket, silohouette, entry level use to design space, for 2 D when starting out

get from Lucie - Grandma was a hacker - patterns in morsecode ignite talk
EMMA visit - teacher audience for where they are at and where headed, also student audience for take away with learning and not a birthday party. how bring the teacher to where they can go deeper...
MAkey and Makey with Scratch for poster of story telling and when touch bracket with the hook audio. where i want to go and how get there...

make clips for each week - audiences?  to School Announcements
digital version of what students making and taking home
VoiceThread - add comments and get to see outside this school, commentor and add another example set up like design cycle _WWSU Access? - Process tool and conversation tool with artifact on the table and opportunities to add and ask about great access (example letters from the internement camp) image and voice - walls to control for privacy and safety (COPA compliant), can pull from one Vthread to another
(hearts and arrows) Tarrant Blog - does it get enough readership (2000)
share out - comment, ready for public audience? identify where at in process

Signage Advice

  • Design Thinking Cycle and Mindset - where am I at now? Design Mindset
    • guidelines 
    • inspiration: part of brainstorm, ideation
    • prototype
    • their space and provide some scaffolding for starting points
  • student work in progress
  • create cards similar to makey-makey with ideas for using supplies

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