Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Planning Meeting 11.01.16

Andrew, Isaac, Madison, Michelina, Sam

To Talk About:

MineCraft Rules
what about minecraft edu for creator - RESEARCH Sam and Andrew
demo for those without membership: some features, some limitations
schedule only one time per week
Rules for when in Minecraft

  • Only go into other peoples world if invited
  • Only kill wch other if it's an arena server
  • Only go in other people's worlds with permission
  • Only use cheats if the owner says you can, also don't bug them if they say no
  • Don't steal other people's stuff in survival
  • Don't break people's houses or kill their animals

make big ones to put on the wall or hang from ceiling, fix existing sign - Michelina and Madison

Use of Blogger
show as a place to share, but not make them do it, do if want to

For Student Led Conference?
Mrs Hill will put picts and videos in Drive and share it with students interested on Friday.

Schedule Cooking Session

FundRaise for ChampBot
Andrew interested in this and finding grant options

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